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I am Evan Hurst. A published photographer, entrepreneur, investor, lover of travel and life. I currently reside in Denver Colorado with a temporary presence in southern California. 

Hurst Studios was formed as an outlet for my creative challenges. I say it that way because as I photograph more people and places I find myself pushing the limits of what I know. Challenging myself to capture something new, pushing the bounds of my equipment and my understanding. With the goal having been to acquire the skills I needed to create anything, and not just "My Style." Now with almost ten years experience I not only do this for myself, I do it for the excitement I get out of clients as we make their creative ideas come alive, or the happiness my work brings to a viewer. This is how I see the enchantments of the world wether it be the beauty of the human body, the landscape of mother earth, or some fanatical scene that was created in the corners of my imagination. Its where I find yet another element of the happiness in my life.

Hurst Studios is available for all of your Photo and Video needs. Contact us anytime.